What Does Lawn Care Have to do with Ants & Roaches?

Keep ants and roaches out of your home by controlling these pests in your lawn

Southwest Florida’s hot and humid climate makes it the perfect environment for pests – such as ants and roaches – to thrive. With winter approaching, it is more likely that homeowners in the area will come across these insects more frequently inside their homes because they are looking for warmth and food. Coastal Lawn & Pest believes the best way to eliminate an ant or roach problem in your home is to stop those insects from entering your house to begin with. That begins with an effective outside treatment plan to try and eliminate them before they decide to sneak in through cracks in your wall, under doors and windows or up through drains.

When it comes to pest control, the best defense is a good offense. Different pests prefer different seasons in Florida, so homeowners need to tailor their pest control activities to the insects of the season.


There are many types of ants that call Southwest Florida home, but the ones that are the biggest nuisance in the area are ghost ants, white-footed ants, crazy ants, and big-headed ants.  While none of them are dangerous to humans, they can be real pests. They enter your home looking for food and stay because they find it. They build nests in your walls or cracks in your foundation. Each type of ant enters the home in a different way and searches out different varieties of food, whether sweet or savory. Ghost ants, for instance, act like hungry teenagers when it comes to sweet treats and greasy foods. If you spill food or forget to pest-proof sugary products such as syrup, cereal, or sugary snacks, they will root them out. The kitchen is their social club. It is best to keep countertops and floors free of crumbs and spills because these are super attractive to ants of all kinds.

Crazy ants form huge colonies that can completely infest your lawn. They like to set up outdoor nests in wet crevices, mats of leaves and mulch but will come inside looking for sweets and protein.

Once ants are inside, they can be hard to control because of their size and determination.

At Coastal Lawn & Pest, we offer free home inspections to determine which Florida pests have decided to take up residence. Once we determine the type of pests getting into your home, we offer annual plans where our technicians will come out quarterly or bimonthly to eradicate them – inside and outside.

If your yard isn’t tidy or is full of downed branches or rotting wood, you are more likely to experience an ant infestation both outdoors and indoors. Coastal Lawn & Pest provides the best treatment and removal methods on the market today. This means keeping the outside perimeter of your property treated to eliminate pests before they enter your home or business, and also the inside for added protection.


What can we say, roaches are a major pest in Florida. They love the heat and humidity, and they love chilling out in dark crevices. Most are nocturnal creatures, so if you start seeing roaches during daylight hours, it is time to call in the pest control cavalry. Florida not only has many species of roaches but palmetto bugs as well, that tend to resemble roaches.

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Southwest Florida has some of the highest concentrations of roaches in the country. Nearly one-third of homeowners in the state report that they have at least one roach infestation annually.

And, unlike ants, roaches can be harmful to health by spreading bacteria that causes E. coli and Salmonella. They also are a major allergen, especially for asthmatics. The main types of cockroaches that love our Southwest Florida locale are the American Cockroach or palmetto bug. They are larger than the typical roach and, unfortunately, can fly short distances. The German Cockroach is the bad roach of the bunch because it breeds at an alarming rate and it just loves being inside. The Smokybrown cockroach can fly and prefers warm, moist areas. You are more likely to find them in your kitchen and bathroom, but outdoors they like to hang out under your eaves, in your garden and in holes in your trees.

Asian cockroaches look a lot like German cockroaches but prefer to live outdoors. They love bright light so they are attracted to televisions, light bulbs and computer screens.

How can we rid ourselves of this menace?

At Coastal Lawn & Pest we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for irrigation, landscaping,  and pest control. We will find the best treatment to eradicate roaches and ants before they get inside your home, but we also will treat the inside as added protection. One way to make your yard less friendly to these invasive pests is to keep your grass nice and healthy. Having lawn care and pest control are the best options for controlling these Southwest Florida invaders. Let us help you eliminate the ants and roaches plaguing your yard and home this winter.