Top 5 Reasons You Need Year-Round Lawn Care

Having a healthy-looking lawn year-round can take a fair amount of time and energy. Investing in consistent professional lawn services will take stress off homeowners’ hands and free up time. Here are the five advantages of hiring a pro to take care of the yard work for you year-round.

1. Less Yard Work

Lawn care can be an exhausting, labor-intensive job for any homeowner. Have you ever come inside after pulling weeds and had sore muscles or even injuries after only spending a couple of hours outside? In Southwest Florida, doing lawn care can result in sunburns or heat exhaustion if you are not prepared for the hot, brutal weather. The rainy season also comes with its own challenges. The risks and challenges can be easily avoided with a year-round lawn-care professional who is better equipped on all accounts.

2. More Time

Studies have shown that the average person could spend 1248 days (roughly 3.5 years) doing lawn care. Mowing grass, pulling weeds, controlling insects, fertilizing, and the many other duties that go into lawn treatment can take hours. That’s time that could be spent with family or doing something enjoyable. Professionals work faster and more efficiently on lawn care and pest control because that is their expertise. With year-round lawn treatment, you could definitely have fewer worries about your property.

3. Save Money

Most homeowners would be a bit doubtful to think that hiring a professional lawn treatment service could save them money. In reality, homeowners could end up spending more money on chemicals and equipment that the professionals already have. Plus, if homeowners do not know how to properly take care of their yards, that could end up costing more to correct mistakes caused by the lack of expertise in lawn treatment. Do you know the difference between fungus and chinch bugs? When is a weed really a native plant? Better to leave it to the professionals.

4. Proper Lawn Fertilization

Have you ever mistook lawn disease for an insect problem, purchased the wrong chemicals, or guessed on how much fertilizer to use? Fertilizing grass might be something many homeowners think is easy to take on, but this should be kept to the professionals. Applying the proper amount of fertilization will help yards resist weed invasion. Unfortunately, most people don’t know when or how to properly apply fertilizer. Inadequate application of fertilizer could ultimately hurt the grass and contribute to pollution. Professionals can diminish the consequences of ineffective fertilization and give homeowners great year-round lawn-care services.

5. Benefits of Healthy Grass

Healthy looking yards aren’t just nice to look at — they also can increase the value of homes and businesses. Having a beautiful yard also comes with its environmental benefits. All plants and grass take in carbon dioxide from the air and help produce the oxygen we breathe. With the appropriate year-round lawn treatment plan to keep grass healthy and thick, the grass will establish an efficient way to stop soil erosion from water or wind. A healthy grass plant has more than 200 miles of roots to hold soil in place while the grass blades protect against erosion. Lawn treatments also limit damage from disease, get rid of nonnative plants and weeds, and stop insect infestations before they get out of control. A proper year-round lawn treatment plan will keep grass healthy so homeowners can enjoy key benefits.

Most homeowners consider lawn treatments only in certain seasons, but being attentive to front yards and backyards throughout the year will generate the best results.

Our highly trained technicians provide free inspections and then create customized year-round lawn treatment plans. Lawn treatment plans include fertilization, pest control, disease control, and weed management, while being as eco-friendly as possible. Contact us today at 239-230-7020 for a free inspection.