Sprinkler Systems At Home Tests


Cape Coral sprinkler systems are one of the most important components to maintaining strong & healthy plant growth. When lawns & plants become weaker due to a lack of water they are more easily threaten by diseases & pest. Adding too much water and at the wrong time can causSprinkler Systems At Home Testse a very damaging fungus in your grass.

Here’s 2 easy at home sprinkler systems test you can apply and see what may be best for your property.


Take three empty tuna or cat food cans, and place them around the edge and center of your sprinkler spray pattern. Run the sprinkler for exactly 15 minutes. Measure the amount of water in each can with a lawn sprinkler gauge available at any hardware store. Follow the chart below and record your results.

Sprinkler Systems At Home Tests

Use this average and refer to the sprinkler Gauge chart below to find out how long to water your lawn.

Lawn Watering

Now that you know how much water your sprinkler applies, find out your soil type. Use the chart below to estimate how long and how often to water.

Lawn Watering Guide- Try for no more than 1 inch per week!

Sprinkler Systems At Home Tests

How can you better protect your lawn & plants while saving time & money? Check out these benefits of properly designed, installed and maintained Cape Coral sprinkler systems.

  • Encourages healthy plant growth & reduces the impact of pest & disease
  • Saves water reducing environmental impact
  • Easily connects to non-potable water supply-saving you money
  • Equipped with easy to use digital timers
  • Easily comply with local watering restrictions
  • Proper watering times & amounts can reduce the chances of fungus
  • Saves you time from dragging a water hose
  • Properly installed sprinkler heads can reduce damaging overspray on homes & autos.


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