Smart Ways to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Lawn in Southwest Florida

It’s not unusual to practice incorrect lawn care habits in order to achieve the best-looking lawn on the block. Inadequate lawn care can lead to additional money spent on landscaping, as well as an unsustainable approach to lawn care.

Because Earth Day is celebrated April 22, this is the ideal month to adopt some eco-friendly lawn-care habits.

  1.       Try Efficient Watering Practices

Overwatering grass can be an extraordinarily destructive practice that doesn’t make lawns any greener and wastes water. Watering your lawn two to three times a week will be plenty for your yard to stay healthy. It is best to let the lawn get in a good soak in one 30 minute session instead of watering it periodically throughout the week. Conserving the water during times of drought will also be more important than having a bright green lawn. In Southwest Florida, especially Lee county, residents and visitors are encouraged to conserve water where they can and limit lawn irrigation. Getting on a watering schedule can be the first step to eco-friendly lawn care.

  1.       Go with a Native Grass

Rather than plant grass that looks best, eco-friendly lawn-care experts recommend choosing a grass that’s native to the area. If you have an exotic turf you could end up spending more money on watering the lawn to keep it healthy and alive. St. Augustine and Zoysia grass are two common and native kinds of grass found in Southwest Florida. St. Augustine grass stays healthy without much irrigation and can survive in prolonged dry spells, which will help with water usage. Picking a landscaping plan that doesn’t require an exceptional amount of water can help your wallet, the planet, and even less time to maintain.

  1.       Invest in Regular Lawn Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for eco-friendly lawn-care management. Clearing your yard of any debris and only mowing when the grass reaches 3 inches or longer will help the grass to continually grow. Longer grass will be stronger and will prevent weed germination, encourage deeper root growth, shade the soil and better absorb rainfall. At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we have year-round maintenance plans that will take care of all the lawn-care maintenance needs  

  1.       Plant Some Trees

Having trees in your yard comes with many benefits. Trees clean the air we breathe, provide habitats for wildlife, and help prevent storm runoff by holding soil in place. The Florida Elm and Florida Pine are native trees to Florida and can provide your yard with environmental benefits as well as shade in the hot summer months. 

  1.       Practice Safe Lawn Fertilization

Do you know when or how to properly apply fertilizer? Inadequate application of fertilizer could ultimately hurt the grass and contribute to pollution. Coastal Lawn and Pest can diminish the consequences of ineffective fertilization and give homeowners great year-round lawn-care services.

At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we know how important it is to have efficient lawn care. We have lawn treatment plans specifically designed for Southwest Florida lawns to deliver just want your lawn needs to grow healthy, strong, and green while staying environmentally conscious. Call us today to discuss all your lawn care needs! Have a happy Earth Day!