Should You Repair or Replace Sprinklers?

Should you repair or replace your sprinkler system?

There’s no question that your landscaping adds value to your home’s curb appeal. In order to keep that up, your sprinkler system is a key component. But maybe you are starting to notice a change in your water bill, see some low pressure sprinklers, or have a soggy yard when you shouldn’t. How do you know when you should repair your existing sprinkler system or install a new one?

Signs your sprinkler system needs repairs

Because it is a big undertaking to install a sprinkler system, a homeowner’s first move when a problem is detected should be to call a licensed irrigation company, such as Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing, to come out and examine the system for problems.

If the problems aren’t too extreme, it makes sense to complete the repairs instead of replacing the entire system.

At Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing, we look for many signs that a sprinkler system isn’t working properly, from higher-than-normal water bills to uneven watering patterns. A leak in your system can cause your system to waste water, which can increase your water bill. Our technicians will check for signs of water leaking from pipes, sprinkler heads and valves. As a homeowner, if you see pools of standing water anywhere, chances are your sprinkler system needs to be recalibrated. If your yard has dead brown spots and other areas that look overwatered, that also could indicate a problem that needs repair.

We also will test your system for water pressure problems. The best way to do that is to test the system while it is off and while it is on. It also is important to pressure test all of a sprinkler system’s various components. Your entire system could be running fine but one of your rotary heads or drip sprayers could be losing pressure.  

Look for cracked or broken sprinkler heads, or heads that are spraying in an irregular pattern or not spraying at all, which may indicate they are clogged. If only one of your sprinkler zones is experiencing problems, that could mean it is an electrical problem or the system wasn’t installed correctly the first time and is only now experiencing problems.

If your system is well maintained, it usually doesn’t take much to get it back up and running quickly when something goes wrong. But, if routine maintenance hasn’t been done on your system in months or years, it might just be time to install a new sprinkler system.

Signs you need a new sprinkler system

If replacing numerous components of your sprinkler system seems like a daunting task, it may just be simpler to replace the entire system or overhaul your existing system with all new sprinkler heads, valves, and controls.

A good time to consider replacing your existing sprinkler system is when you are redoing your landscaping. It may not make sense to try and reconfigure an existing system to meet the new needs of your yard design, especially if you need to lay a number of new underground pipes to do it. We can help you design a new system and get you the latest and greatest equipment.

As homeowners replace existing sprinkler systems, many are adding smart controllers that they can access via their smartphones. At Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing, we use the Hydrawise system that not only allows you to make changes to your current watering patterns when you are away from home but is smart enough to know not to water your lawn on days when it is raining cats and dogs.

Remote access allows customers to view, manage and monitor their irrigation controller from their phone, computer, or tablet from no matter where they are. The system can also integrate with other smart home products like Amazon Alexa and Control4. If you aren’t an irrigation specialist yourself, sign up with CoastalCare, our worry-free annual maintenance plan for your home or business irrigation system. We will come out periodically to make sure your system is in top working order and make repairs or replacements if necessary.

At Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured and we offer a variety of solutions to meet the demands of Florida’s outdoor plumbing needs. Give us a call to schedule a visit at your home or business. Let us help you make the right decision about your sprinkler system. We specialize in irrigation repairs, irrigation installation, irrigation replacements and re-routing. Give us a call today!