Home cockroach invasions are a year-round problem in Southwest Florida

In Southwest Florida, roaches are a year-round problem

Roaches are like Southwest Florida’s unofficial mascot. There are eight varieties that call Florida home and many home cockroach invasions are so bad, the homeowners have made their peace with them, assuming there is nothing they can do to stem the tide.

The issue is that Florida roaches are a year-round problem. There is no roach season, so homeowners can’t rely on a change in the season to eradicate this pesky problem. Roaches can spread bacteria throughout your house and contaminate your food, so it is important to not give up and to try and find ways to eradicate them and keep them from your home.

At Coastal Lawn & Pest, we have been tackling Southwest Florida’s pest problems since 2008. Roaches are one of our specialties. Florida’s hot and humid climate is a perfect breeding ground for these pests, and it is our job to keep them at bay.

Problems caused by roaches

Spread disease: Roaches can spread disease because they live in many different environments and travel freely between them, according to the World Health Organization. The different species of cockroaches live in gardens, drains, sewers, and latrines so when they get into your home, they leave remnants of these different environments on your countertops and in your cupboards, under sinks, and around showers and bathtubs. Cockroaches are known or are suspected of being carriers of the organisms that cause diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever, and viruses.

Smell: Once your home is infested with cockroaches, you will start seeing signs of them everywhere, depending on the type of cockroach you have. Some poop out pellets, and others leave inky puddles of goo over everything, which starts to stink. They also will release a terrible odor when they die, which will permeate your home.

Allergies: According to the National Pest Management Association, more than half of people with asthma are allergic to cockroaches. People allergic to cockroaches will experience symptoms like sinus and ear infections, nasal congestion, wheezing, and coughing.

Large infestations: Cockroaches make rabbits look lazy when it comes to breeding. One female German cockroach can be responsible for producing more than 300,000 offspring annually. So, killing even one roach can help you reduce your home’s roach population.

Steps to take to eradicate roaches in and around your home

The first step to eradicating a roach problem is admitting you have a roach problem. The second step is to identify the areas in your home that seem to attract roaches. For most people, that is their bathrooms and kitchen area. Roaches are constantly looking for sources of water and food. As a homeowner, the best thing you can do to keep the roaches at bay is to not give them easy access to your food. Place all of your food in airtight containers so that bugs and humidity can’t find their way inside. Sweep up crumbs. If you leave the crumbs, they will come.

Some of Southwest Florida’s roaches love the indoors and others prefer to be outside. At Coastal Lawn & Pest, we have solutions for both types of pests. We can treat your lawn and garden for roaches so that fewer will make their way indoors, and our crews can remove spots outside your home that seem to attract them, like yard waste and piles of debris. We know where they like to hide and the types of environments they prefer.

Another step is to look for cracks or holes in your foundation or around windows and doors that will allow these pests in. Many types of roaches like dark, damp places. They will sneak in and hunker down in your walls and near your plumbing.

What are your next steps?

Many homeowners will attempt to eradicate their roach problem themselves using roach sprays and traps. But that is only a temporary solution. If you have roaches, it is time to call in the professionals. At Coastal Lawn & Pest, we offer a free indoor pest control inspection, and we will customize an affordable plan to help you eradicate your home or business roach problem.

The best inside pest prevention method is having a plan to eradicate these pests outside your home. If you have started seeing these pests out in the open, your problem may be more widespread than you thought. Roaches are reclusive, so when they start making an appearance in your home or business common areas, it is time to find out where they are hiding, whether that is in your attic, walls, cabinets, under your home or in your yard. Give Coastal Lawn & Pest a call today, and let us help you eliminate your roach problem.