Pros and Cons of Smart Controllers vs. Traditional Controllers for Watering Your Yard

Did you know that, by weight, grass plants are 75 to 80% water? So, you can make the connection to the importance of watering your lawn the proper amount.

What happens when it rains too much? How about when you go through a long, dry period? Is there a science to keeping your lawn irrigated?

If you’re looking for yard watering solutions, keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of smart controllers vs traditional controllers to water your yard so you can pick the perfect system.

Tradition vs. Smart Controllers

Keeping your lawn looking its best takes some work especially in Southwest Florida. No matter what your motivation, whether it’s water conservation, saving money, or you want your lawn to look amazing, how you control your irrigation system matters. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the two types of controllers.

Prevent Water Waste

When you use a smart controller compared to a traditional controller, it determines many factors before coming on to water your lawn. Based on the information you submit about your yard, the smart controller can figure out how quickly the water will evaporate from the soil.

It adjusts the amount of time the sprinklers run. It divides up the watering periods so as not to over soak the lawn and waste water through water runoff.

Did you get some unexpected rainfall while you’re at work? Adjust the watering schedule or turn off your irrigation system altogether from your smartphone.

The Proper Amount of Water for Landscaping Plants

The majority of plants lost in landscaping beds can be blamed on overwatering. When using a traditional controller, it’s not as easy to control how much water goes to each area of your yard.

Plants with healthy roots thrive and look their best. Healthy roots also prevent soil erosion, helping your landscaping stay in place and add to your overall curb appeal.

The water also goes exactly where the plants are and not on the hardscapes like sidewalks and edging. This prevents cracking and erosion of your hardscape.

Adjust Schedule

With traditional controllers, you set the watering schedule by day and time and once you leave the house, there’s no changing it. With a smart controller, you have more options. You can control it with an app on your phone from anywhere once it is connected to wifi.

The controller adapts to changes in the weather and has a variety of scheduling options. It will even decide how much to water your lawn based on the information you give it about your yard.

Smart Controllers Save You Money

Now that you know how smart controllers compare to traditional controllers for watering your lawn, will you upgrade your controller for watering your yard? Having this type of control over your irrigation system is a definite money saver.

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