Mosquito Misconceptions: Hiring a Pest Control Company vs. DIY

Mosquito misconceptions: Hiring a pest control company vs. DIY

Southwest Florida is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love Florida’s heat and humidity, plus the state’s many waterways, marshes, and swamps make it an ideal location for the biting little bug(ger)s to breed, causing numerous problems. Some have even dubbed mosquitoes the official state insect because of their pervasive nature. Mosquitoes carry a multitude of diseases, like Dengue, Malaria, Zika, and West Nile Virus. Without a proven way to control the mosquito population, every homeowner is at risk of contracting these, sometimes deadly, diseases.

The real question is should you hire a professional pest control company to help you eradicate your mosquito problem or try to do it yourself. It really comes down to knowledge, equipment, time, and money.

What can you personally do to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property?

The top thing homeowners or property owners can do to reduce mosquito breeding is to eliminate or reduce the number of water sources on their property. For some, with small ponds or streams running through, that may be difficult. But as homeowners, you can do things like walking your property frequently, looking for places standing water can accumulate. That could be unused planters, clogged gutters and downspouts, buckets, or even birdbaths that don’t have constantly running water feeding into them.

Eliminate those areas of pooled water and you can eradicate at least part of the problem. Of course, you can’t build a wall to stop mosquitoes from crossing property lines so if your neighbor’s property is full of standing water, it might just be time to cry uncle and invest in a professional pest control company to come out and mist your property on a frequent basis.

If you aren’t quite ready to make the investment, consider how much it will cost you personally to try and eradicate your mosquito problem on your own. You will spend money on a good sprayer, one that covers a large area, pesticides that will help curb the mosquito population and even purchase gloves and a quality mask with a filter to make sure you don’t inhale the pesticide as you are spraying your yard. You may have to do this frequently, which takes time and energy and doesn’t always work as well as expected.

The other thing homeowners do is place Tiki torches around their outdoor living spaces or make sure they have numerous citronella candles burning when they are sitting outside. The situation isn’t ideal, but it can keep many of those biting pests at bay.

What are the benefits of hiring a pest control company?

Pest control companies are well-versed in Florida’s climate and the optimal conditions that play into the state’s mosquito problem. They know where these blood-sucking insects are likely to lay their eggs and have numerous ways to systematically eradicate or at least minimize the problem during Florida’s hot and humid summer months.

They already own all of the equipment and can get the job done quickly and safely. Plus, there are numerous pet and child-friendly pesticides out there that will do the job without causing health problems for you or your family while you are enjoying the outdoors.

Professional pest control agents will ultimately use fewer pesticides on your property because they are more efficient and know where to look for infestations. Hiring a professional pest control company can actually save you money because they already are equipped to do the job and purchase their pesticides in bulk. It costs a lot more for you to go out and purchase the equipment and retail-priced pesticides yourself. 

At Coastal Lawn & Pest, our mosquito control system uses misting equipment manufactured by MistAway to help protect you and your family from nuisance flying insects, including mosquitoes and no-see-ums. 

Once installed in your yard, our system is fully automatic and comes with a timer so that it can mist your property with our botanical, pyrethrum-based insecticide on a set schedule.

The system is easy to install and even easier to use because it can be operated onsite or by remote control. Instead of having pest control technicians coming out to your property every couple of weeks, this system is designed to blend into your landscaping. It uses flexible tubes and nozzles to discreetly, and automatically, spray your property for biting pests, like mosquitoes and biting midges. You can set it and forget it. The pesticide used is safe for pets, kids, and plants plus our system offers lasting protection that won’t wash off.  

If you would like a free onsite mosquito control quote, please visit our website and fill out an online request or call one of our four area locations today. You won’t be sorry you did!