How to Control Pesky Mosquitoes

Who likes to enjoy the company of a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes? No one, right? No one wants to hear the whine of harmful and pesky mosquitoes. It’s because along with transmitting hazardous diseases, they also inflict annoying and painful bites. Mosquito-borne diseases such as zika virus, malaria, encephalitis, and yellow fever kill millions of people around the world every year. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions, repellents, and the right barriers to turn down the volume of the mosquito buzz and to avoid their painful bites. The important question we should be asking ourselves is – are we able to get rid of this problem by completely eradicating mosquitoes?  

Most people are fully aware of the reasons mosquitoes breed so quickly. They are fully aware of the hazardous diseases these insects carry, but they are still unsure of the methods of mosquito control operations. Mosquito misting and mosquito fogging are two primary systems that keep the local bloodthirsty population under control. Fleas, ticks, bedbugs, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, and over 100 other insects naturally move away with the mist created by organic mosquito misting and lawn pest control systems. Besides, along with providing long-lasting protection, this form of mosquito control easily blends into the landscape and is 100% safe for kids, pets, and plants. 


How do I protect myself from mosquitoes?

How can I prevent mosquito bites? – A question that every person asks before stepping into an environment with these pesky insects. From DEET products to picaridin to larvicide, there are a number of mosquito repellent products that can provide protection from the attack of these bloodthirsty arthropods. Repellent products such as DEET pose no health risk when used correctly. However, these products can have serious side effects if swallowed or breathed in. Protective clothing has always been the best idea to protect against excessive bites. 

How do I control mosquitoes if I’m in my yard?

The best time to control mosquitoes is when they are at the larval stage. Targeting larvae with larvicide treatment is one of the best ways to reduce the mosquito population. Professional sprayers can be used to apply larvicide products directly to the water. Pest controllers also apply the tablet and pellet formations of larvicide products to nearby breeding areas.  

Another popular device that can best answer the question “how do I control mosquitoes?” is a bug zapper. It works by attracting mosquitoes and other pests with the light in order to electrocute them. 

How do I control mosquitoes naturally?

Bio-control and natural repellents are the way to go for a more natural solution. A number of steps like removing algae, reducing the number of breeding sites, killing mosquito’s larvae etc. can be taken to control mosquitoes naturally. Also, birds and bats naturally help to get rid of insects by eating them.

How do I control mosquitoes and even eradicate them completely?

Consistently applying more than one method at a time is the best way to control and eradicate mosquitoes completely. This is because one method is suitable for killing adult mosquitoes only, while another method is suitable for targeting larvae only. There currently isn’t one particular way to completely get rid of them altogether. The best option is to consult an expert who can give you a better idea of which repellent or device to use.

Tips for effective mosquito prevention

  • Removing sources of stagnant water and cleaning out the gutters are some of the most effective measures that can highly prevent mosquitoes in nearby areas. 
  • Mosquitoes breed in water. Interrupting their breeding process by changing out water sources from time to time can prevent them from reaching the adult stage from the larvae stage. 
  • Mosquitoes can lay their eggs on any source of stagnant water. Filling up low areas to level out the surface after draining excessive water can largely prevent the mosquito problem. Also, if you have a pool, be sure to maintain it. Make sure that the water keeps circulating properly. 
  • Other problematic areas are water features, such as ponds. Find a way to keep the water moving. However, adding a fountain isn’t a bad idea. 
  • Lighting is what mosquitoes and other insects are most attracted to, however, special yellow bug lights are not attractive to them. The replacement of outdoor bulbs with specific bug lights helps prevent mosquitoes from gathering around your area. 
  • Calling a mosquito control company to thoroughly investigate the entire yard and to apply a misting system using a backpack fogger or larvicide is the best step to take, especially during mosquito season. 

If you’ve been avoiding stepping into your backyard because of your mosquito problem, a solution is just one call away. Contact us at Coastal Lawn and Pest today and let us help find the best pest control option for you.