Have a Smart Home? Get a Smart Irrigation System!

Have a smart home? Get a smart irrigation system

It should come as no surprise that with whole home Wi-Fi enabled home controllers all the rage that someone would invent a smart controller for irrigation systems, too.

At Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing, we are experts in all aspects of irrigation, including repairs, replacement, installation, digital irrigation controllers and Wi-Fi-enabled irrigation controllers.

Why should you consider getting a Wi-Fi-enabled irrigation controller?

First of all, when you install a Hydrawise controller, you are making the job of watering your lawn that much easier. Not only are they simple to install, but they pay for themselves in a short amount of time. Using the Hydrawise iPhone or Android app for your smartphone, you can control your home irrigation system from anywhere in the world. The touchscreen interface makes programming your system simple. Even if you are a seasonal resident who only visits your Southwest Florida home during the winter months, you can still program and run your home’s sprinkler system from the app. The Hydrawise app is very intuitive, making it easy to program in city-mandated watering days or restrictions. You can set the days you water and how long your system will water each zone on your property. You can also set a peak watering frequency, which is how often you would normally water a specific zone during your peak irrigation period.

The Hydrawise controller can also improve your relationship with your neighbors who always complain when your sprinkler system is watering your lawn, even during a rainstorm.  The controller uses predictive weathering, which means it uses Internet-based weather services to adjust your watering schedule when needed. The controller will vary the frequency of your watering based on actual evaporation and rainfall in your area on a day-to-day basis. If the weather gets colder, you don’t need to water as often. Our system will adapt to the current temperature and make changes to the amount of time your system is watering.

The Hydrawise Ready controller supports flow meters, rain sensors, master valves and even landscape lighting programs so you, as a homeowner, have an easy time managing everything irrigation related from anywhere.

Hydrawise systems are secure

Many people are reluctant to use whole home automation systems such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest because they worry about unsavory characters getting access to their personal information. In the past, a simple system like an irrigation controller could be an easy way into your whole home system. Hydrawise keeps its customer data safe by not storing private user data in its system. The company’s Wi-Fi-enabled controllers are kept separate from a homeowner’s Internet-of-things network.

Anthony Long, Hunter’s Hydrawise product manager, said in a recent article on PYMNTS.com that the only thing a hacker could do if he managed to get into your Hydrawise controller is manually start watering a person’s lawn. Your information is completely secure.

When is having a Wi-Fi-enabled controller most important?

Southwest Florida’s dry season runs from mid-October through May. That is the time when homeowners should pay closer attention to how often they are watering their lawn. If they don’t water enough, their lawn and landscaping could become stressed out. If they water too much, they could end up wasting water and violating local watering restrictions.

It is also important to design your irrigation system so that it has a variety of water release options. Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing makes sure to include flow control irrigation heads and drip irrigation systems with all of its irrigation system installations.

If you are in the market for a new lawn irrigation system or want to find out more about our Hydrawise smart controller, contact Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing today. We have an easy-to-use online request form, or you can call any of our four area locations today.