‘Drainstorming’: Think About Your Drainage System Before the Rainy Season

During the year, Florida receives on average 54 inches of rainfall. With all that rain, drainage systems are essential. They’re also necessary for landscape design and proper yard maintenance. Drainage systems consist of piping buried beneath your yard that deflects water away from your landscaping, usually into the street. Installing drainage around your home can protect your investment and improve your lawn maintenance. 

Here are four more advantages to adding a drainage system to your yard:

  1. Limits Standing Water

Standing water in your yard is not only slippery and dangerous, but it also drowns your landscaping. Having improper drainage can damage the roots of grass, flowers, small trees, and any other plants in your yard. Without a healthy root system, the plants will not grow, and they could prematurely die. A drainage system will keep the right amount of moisture in your soil, allowing your garden to prosper. Also, if you have an excess of standing water, you’re more likely to have a mosquito infestation in your yard. Water accumulation creates breeding areas for mosquitoes, a nightmare for Floridians. Mosquitoes aren’t the only thing lurking in stagnant water: Dangerous bacteria and parasites can contaminate the water as well. If this water is ingested by small children or pets, they could become ill. 

  1. Helps Stop Soil Erosion

With the installation of a lawn drainage system, you can avoid serious soil erosion issues. Soil erosion is the degradation of the topsoil, which can happen because of wind and rain. The Florida rainy season could be even more disastrous if your lawn isn’t properly drained because fast-moving water can force its way through your yard into cracks in your foundation. The foundation is a vital part of the structural stability of a house. If the soil erosion happens near your home foundation, you could have an even bigger problem on your hands, including bacteria, mold, and fungal growth due to excess moisture. By installing a drainage system, you are protecting your home’s stable structure from soil erosion. 

  1. Limit Inside Dirt

Do you have more cleaning to do when family and visitors track mud into your home on to your carpet and floors? Puddles equal dirt and disasters for your floors. Keeping excess water out of your yard won’t eliminate inside dirt, but it will help limit dirty footsteps. Not to mention, these puddles can be embarrassing and unsightly on your lawn. 

  1. Saves Money

Having a well-designed, high-quality drainage system that meets your home’s unique needs will limit your need for costly repairs in the future. Everything from landscaping and sprinkler systems to foundations and home drain lines can be affected if an improper drainage system is in place.

If drainage problems continue to be a headache for you, it might be time to install a permanent solution. Drainage issues are best solved by a licensed professional, who takes into consideration soil conditions, ground slope, the volume of water, and plumbing design. At Coastal Irrigation, we will handle all your irrigation and drainage system needs!