Arborjet Tree Injections

Tree injections

Have pests in your palm trees? Arborjet Tree Injections are a safe solution that works!

Do you have palm trees on your property? They could have pests or diseases!

The experts at Coastal Lawn & Pest are certified to do Arborjet tree injections, which is the most effective and efficient way to eradicate tree pests, diseases, and root loss. With Arborjet, a mixture of nutrients, insecticides, antibiotics, and fungicides is delivered into the vascular system of a tree (where the roots absorb the nutrients to deliver them throughout the tree – twigs, trunk, leaves, and branches) by a large “pointed feeder syringe” or through soil injections. 

  • Unlike traditional methods, Arborjet injection treatment makes use of fewer pesticides and is extremely effective in providing trees and crops with the best protection from invasive species.
  • Along with reducing chemical exposure to soil, air, water, and wildlife, Arborjet gets rid of tree pests and diseases without making any negative impact on the environment.
  • With trunk or tree injections, the tree foliage and body don’t have to wait for much-needed nutrients. This fast-active digestive process greatly improves tree health and sustainability.  

Some of the pests and tree diseases that are threatening the health of trees within almost all communities throughout Florida include whiteflies, palmetto weevil, pine bark beetle, bagworm, gypsy moth, beech leaf disease, Diplodia tip blight, lethal bronzing, and fire blight

Types of pests that can show up on trees in Florida: 

  • Rugose spiraling whitefly: First identified in Florida in 2009, rugose spiraling whiteflies not only promote the growth of black sooty molds but they also remove water and necessary nutrients from the trees by excreting a sticky wax-like substance. This sticky wax-like substance, also known as honeydew, provides an excellent substrate for the growth of black-colored viscous liquid, which disrupts the process of photosynthesis. 

The presence of white wax-like material on the leaves and the formation of black sooty mold are the symptoms of the tree damage done by excessively prolific rugose spiraling whiteflies. 

The only method that ensures the long-lasting protection of the entire landscape from rugose spiraling whiteflies is Arborjet tree injections. Best yet — there is no need for constant spraying that would have chemicals easily absorbed by plants. 

  • Palmetto weevil: Native to Florida, palmetto weevil (Rhynchophorus cruentatus) mainly targets the Canary Island date palm. Once considered a minor pest, the palmetto weevil not only eats the heart of healthy palms such as Canary Island date palms, Latania palms, and Bismarck palms, but it is also known to attack dying and severely wounded trees. During the pest infestation, the older leaves start falling off and slowly, the larval feeding damage becomes so severe that the top of the palm falls over. The early detection of this condition, also termed as “popped neck” is difficult. 

Benefits of the Arborjet tree injection method:  

Environmentally responsible tree injection treatment (no impact on the environment): After being injected directly into the tree’s vascular system, the mixture of nutrients, insecticides, antibiotics, and fungicides is delivered throughout the tree. This mixture goes where it needs to go, and it doesn’t come in contact with the nearby plants. That’s exactly what we want. We want to eliminate the pests and diseases in a particular tree without the mixture/solution to hang around to affect the environment negatively. 

Fast efficacy: The time Arborjet tree injection method takes to complete depends on different factors including the amount of solution being used and the size of the tree. However, the tree injection method still provides the trees with the quickest opportunity to heal by delivering micro-nutrients directly into the trunk’s root flare. Other tree treatments such as trunk implantation, spraying, and trunk anatomy take too long to work their way through the natural digestion process of trees. In the worst-case scenarios, non-injectable treatments don’t even work, which leads to nothing but unnecessary removal of trees.

Weather-proof treatment: A topically applied treatment or solution will lose its quality and potency because of rain, or persistent moisture. On the other hand, an injectable tree treatment can stand in the wind, hurricanes, and even rain because it’s completely waterproof, and that’s how the tree receives every single drop of the solution even in the worst-case climate scenario. 

No or little residue is left after the tree injection treatment is complete, which means no product erosion, no dilution, and no runoff.

With so many benefits to ensure the health of your trees, Arborjet should be added to your landscape maintenance plan. Please give Coastal Lawn & Pest a call to get started! We are always ready to help provide quick and environmental friendly solutions that work.